We’re Jason, Suzy plus kids and Ted. We’re a full time travel family caravanning Australia. In June 2019 we packed up our home and set off on a lap of Australia. Caravanning Australia in a Jayco Journey Outback with 3 kids and our dog Ted.

On an adventure to make lasting memories. Taking the plunge was equal parts scary and exciting and it’s been the best thing we have ever done. We would recommend it to anyone!

So why did we do it? Our decision was initially driven by my husband, who had a strong realisation that he was heading down a path of work, work, work – it had consumed his everything:

Jason, “I enjoy people watching and time to think during my daily commute. I don’t enjoy leaving home before my wife and kids open their eyes. Or rushing through the door 12 hours later, exhausted. Walking straight into witching hour, when I have neither the energy nor the patience to deal with it. The weekend arrives and more often than not I’m taking work calls.’

Of course it’s relative, the more you work, the more you earn, the more you spend. Moving numerous times in the space of a few years allowed Jason to tick off many career goals. Some might say he’d made it. But what does that mean? Yes, he’d made it to the top of his field into a high paying role, but at what cost? What sacrifices have our family made to get here and is it really worth it?

We don’t want to hit 60 and look back and realise we’d missed out on life. Giving the best years to work, at a time when the kids want to spend every minute with us.

Timing was on on side as the Melbourne caravan and camping expo was coming up. We gathered up the kids and naively off we went. We’ve never been camping together, never been in a caravan before, never towed anything and pretty much had no idea.

We left the expo feeling totally overwhelmed but excited. We knew we wanted a triple bunk caravan, but we needed to narrow it down. Jason then went back the next day, with our son. I got the phone call – checking to see if he could put a deposit down on a van. Of course, I had no hesitation in saying YES!

Our home on wheels is a 22ft triple bunk Jayco Journey Outback which is our home. We are happy with our van, it’s comfortable and has lots of storage. Our van has an onboard ensuite, with seperate shower, slide-out BBQ, outdoor shower (great for washing the dog) and washing machine (saves $4-$5 per load at caravan parks).

Jayco Journey Outback at The Kuranda Billabong
Kuranda Billabong, one of our favourite campsites

We are grateful we decided to take this break from the daily grind. To enjoy life, travel and truely connect as a family. Once we made the decision, we discovered a whole community of like-minded people who exist. Other travel families living their best life, on their terms, caravanning Australia.

We’ve been on the road now for 12 months and covered some ground. Yet feel we haven’t scratched the surface of what Australia has to offer. We’ve ticked off places and experiences from our Australian bucket list, yet we most love stumbling upon places we don’t yet know exist. All without stepping foot in an airport. Hooray!

Our why is time together, creating memories and experiences as we travel Australia. The kids get to go on daily adventures; experiencing parks, beaches, creeks, museums, big rocks, rainforest, desert, outback, waterfalls, animals, nature and more. It’s been so positive for their early development and learning. They and they love the freedom our life on the road allows them. We’ve also met some lifelong friends along the way.

We planned to wrap up our trip and get back to work after our year long adventure caravanning Australia with our little travel family. We didn’t expect to come back to a pandemic. After a short break in a holiday house, whilst the van got a service, we’ve hit the road. We’re most happiest here and will keep applying for work and see what comes up.

We are sticking to QLD right now, best place to be for the Winter. We hope to meet some fellow travellers on the road!

Corporate to Caravan is truly our own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. We hope you enjoy reading our family caravanning blog as we travel Australia. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well.

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  1. A great synopsis of your fabulous road trip! Isn’t Australia just wonderful, with every State different!
    I’ve been road tripping for the past 25 years, first on my Harley-Davidson and now l own a Fiat Ducato Horizon Melaleuca campervan. Love it!
    I always start planning my next trip while on the way home from a current road trip!
    I mostly travel with friends now but l used to go solo for years.
    Thanks again for sharing! Stay safe.👍🚙😎

    1. Thanks Annie and totally agree we live in a magnificent Country, with so much to see and do. Our list of places to experience is forever growing! Take care and we hope to meet you on the road one day, all the best with your adventures, Suzy

  2. Isn’t it funny how life happens – you never know what’s coming up next so you just go with the flow and before you know it – another year has rolled by. Great stuff. I feel for people who for whatever reason are not reaching their goals, fulfilling their dreams and just being their authentic selves.

    1. Yes certainly true you never know what’s around the corner. It’s easy to loose yourself in work and routine and commitments. One of my favourite sayings is ‘are you living to work or working to live?’

  3. Well done what a beautiful way to enjoy your family. See Australia we a beautiful country

    1. Thank you and yes Australia has so much to offer. When we left we thought 12 months was plenty of time to see everything but it’s not! You could travel forever and still miss some things.

  4. I have loved reading all your post.l hope you find a job soon lt will be hard to settle down

    1. Thanks for sticking with us Margaret. We will miss life on the road once we stop, but will make sure we get out for regular weekends away and holidays as often as we can.

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