It’s true, you don’t miss what you have until it’s gone. We find ourselves saying it all the time. Especially when we move on from a camp site and then miss the place we were just at. We recently had a break from the van and I found it has helped to clarify what we love most about living in a caravan.

After living in our caravan for 11 months travelling Australia, we recently spent 6 weeks in a holiday house, on the Sunshine Coast. This happened because like many we were stopped in our tracks during Covid restrictions. It’s not much fun self isolating in a caravan park with 3 kids and a dog. So, after being grounded for many weeks, we found the van walls were closing in on us and we realised we all needed a break.

It was a wonderful break and such a good feeling to be in a house again. So for the first couple of week we didn’t miss the caravan or life on the road. But as time went on we missed the simplicity of van life. As well as the variety and the freedom of living in a caravan and life on the road.

Don’t get me wrong, we all loved having space. Multiple bathrooms was awesome and no dump point to worry about finding! Hubby was pleased about that, he also spent many happy hours watching a big screen.

After bathing in a bucket at the bottom of the caravan shower, the kids loved the novelty of a big bath. And they had much fun jumping on their beds and having a bedroom door to close.

For me, I was excited to use a full sized washing machine and dryer. But mostly I realised how much I’ve missed having a proper kitchen to spread out and cook in. And did I mention the S P A C E! Oh and Ted had a backyard and didn’t have to be on his lead all the time. Winning!

Man it was good and we all thought yep this is it. We’re not going back into the caravan. We’ll pick up work quickly, rent a house and settle the kids into a school / kindy routine.

But……like many others right now Covid-19 and the universe has others plans for us. So we find ourselves back in the van. And you know we’re not unhappy about it, not one little bit.

We spent 6 weeks here self isolating

Since this break, I’ve had much time to reflect on the things I love most about living in a caravan.

The things I love about living in a caravan

  • It’s a people watchers paradise! That sounds a bit creepy but I’m sure you are nodding along. It makes me smile seeing families sitting outside together. Families eating, laughing, playing games or quietly reading a book or scrolling on their phone.
  • Simplicity of life. Less stuff = less stress. You don’t need a lot to be happy.
  • Walking through a caravan park or camp site and smelling an aromatic curry cooking. Or the mouth watering aroma of onions and garlic frying and seeing people outside bbq’ing dinner.
  • I enjoy listening to the dynamics of families chatting or bickering or arguing with their kids. It reminds me that all kids are the same and push the boundaries. I realise I’m not alone.
  • It makes me happy to see kids being kids and zooming past on scooters and bikes and making new friends instantly.
  • I like the regular change of scenery, new places to explore. A daily walk is never boring.
  • I love seeing my kids get excited about collecting twigs for the fire and for Ted!
  • I love meeting other travelling families. They always have such a relaxed chill vibe, which is totally different from the holiday crowd, who can often be highly strung and many tend to keep to themselves. Nothing wrong with that, we have been those people with limited holidays and stressful jobs, so we get it!
  • We love the sense of community that you don’t often get living in a house or apartment. There’s a bond you feel when meeting like-minded travellers.
We all love bush camps the best for the space and a camp fire with marshmallows of course

What’s next?

We love the freedom of our travelling life. Sure, we know we won’t be living in the van indefinitely and there are some things we miss. But we don’t miss being stuck in one place and having high rent to pay and big bills.

Returning to work, a permanent residence and routine is in our future plans. But we have travel in our blood and still much more to experience. Furthermore, for the moment we are happy and content with our travelling life. Forever grateful we are able to keep our family safe with the freedom to continue our travels throughout Queensland.

I’d love to know what you love most about living in a caravan or life on the road. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re interested in why we first decided to take time off to travel Australia with our kids, please click here.

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